December Weather in San Francisco

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clouds-in-december San Fran

December is one of the coldest months of the year in San Francisco. However, if you are visiting here from many other places in the world, you may have a different definition of the word “cold.” As you may have heard, San Francisco has a Mediterranean climate, meaning it doesn’t get very cold in our city. The average high temperature throughout December is about 66 F (19 C), which means that during the day, a sweatshirt or light jacket is all you need to stay warm. The average low temperature, which typically happens late at night and early in the morning, is 46 F (8 C). If you are an early riser or a night owl, you’ll want some extra layers to protect against the weather. The temperature almost never gets below freezing, and the last time it snowed in San Francisco was over 40 years ago.

The Best San Francisco December Activities

As we get closer to the holiday season, you’ll see all different types of decorations in Downtown San Francisco. Read out post on the Best Christmas Activities in San Francisco. So if you’d like to explore the area, we’d recommend taking our Downtown SF walking tour. This tour explores the heart of the city, and takes you right next to Union Square, the highlight of the San Francisco holiday decorations. December also offers some amazing bus tours. With all the holiday light displays around the city, nighttime bus tours can take you to some of the most beautifully lit areas of San Francisco.

What to Wear in San Francisco During December

As we mentioned above, December is one of the colder months of the year. We would recommend bringing a sweatshirt in addition to a light jacket to wear around the city. If we have one of our colder days, when the weather gets into the 40s (below 10 C), it will be helpful to have multiple warm layers. In addition, if you will be walking around the waterfront, such as near the ferry building or around Fisherman’s Wharf on our Fisherman’s Wharf Walking Tour, it may get windy. So you might want to bring a light scarf or earmuffs.

Do I Need an Umbrella in San Francisco in December?

December is typically the rainiest month of the year. On average, the city will receive rain on 11 days out of the month. However, you also should understand what “rain” means out here. If you are from a tropical area when you can get very heavy downpours, you should know that doesn’t happen here. A rainy day could mean only 5 minutes of drizzle during a day, and sunny skies for most of the rest of the day. So, we do recommend that you bring an umbrella to San Francisco. However, make sure it’s a light umbrella that’s easy to carry around and stow away, because you probably won’t need to use it very much!

Other December Activities: Free Museum Days

Every month, many of the museums around San Francisco offer free admission. For December, we have some incredible free days. December 4: Asian Art Museum and the Exploratorium December 6: Contemporary Jewish Museum, Golden Gate Park Conservatory of Flowers, and Legion of Honor Museum December 11: California Academy of Sciences December 13: Golden Gate Park Botanic Gardens

Help Wanted | Free Tours by Foot San Francisco

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guiding-photoHey everybody, we’re looking for part-time tour guides!

Are you passionate about San Francisco? Are you interested its history, its people, and its stories? We’d love for you to join Free Tours by Foot as a tour guide!

We are the #1 “name your own price” walking tour in San Francisco because we provide amazing walking tours for our guests. But we are a small company looking to expand, and we hope you are the person who can grow with our company!

We are looking for guides who can offer neighborhood tours of at least one of the following areas: Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, North Beach, Market Street, or the Castro. We also offer themed tours of the Gold Rush and Barbary Coast era. We are also looking to add new neighborhood tours, as well as food tours, cocktail tours, etc. so if you have knowledge about other areas, we’d love to hear it!

In short, we are looking for awesome people who love this city and want to share their excitement with others.

What do You Get out of This?

So many things!

1. Insanely flexible schedules. Do you want to work mornings? Afternoons? Evenings? Weekends? We have tours during all of those times, and we need people to fill all kinds of schedules. You can work as few or as many hours as you want (if you can call walking tours “work!”)
2. With all your money being paid in cash, you’ll never have to visit the ATM again!
3. Being a tour guide is awesome! You get to walk around this amazing city, and you get to spend time with travelers who are excited to hang out with you.

What We’re Looking For

1. In addition to being awesome (as mentioned above), we need people who are absolutely dependable and who will show up when they say they will. We’d hate to have 20 people show up for a tour and have no tour guide there!
2. You need to be able to walk people around the city, oftentimes up hills, for 2 hours at a time.
3. Be outgoing! Successful guides are “on” the whole time they’re working.
4. Make every guest happy! Our entire business relies on Tripadvisor, Yelp, Google and Facebook reviews.

Sound Good? Here’s What to Do:

1. Send your resume to
2. Include a cover letter that says why you want to work with us.

That’s it! And remember: if you don’t have a lot of tour guiding experience, you should apply anyway! None of us had guiding experience before we became a tour guide. We can teach you!


If you want to know more, email and I’ll be happy to chat with you. Or, just show up on a tour sometime and we can talk.

What is the Best Wine Tour from San Francisco?

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There are hundreds of great activities to do in San Francisco, and with limited time it’s hard to get them all done (check out our Three Day Budget Itinerary to fill up a few days here). But if you have some extra time in the Bay Area, or if you are a wine lover, or if you just want to get outside the city for a day, you simply can’t beat an excursion up into the Wine Country.

The problem for visitors is that there are so many wine tours, how do you choose the right one? Well, that’s what we’re here for! This post will help you decide between visiting Napa or Sonoma Valley. We also share our FAVORITE wine tours of both areas, as well as list everything you need to know before booking a wine tour from San Francisco. 

Note: For some of these tours, you can get up to a 20% discount using the Go SF Card Build Your Own Pass. We’ll point out which tours this pass covers!

Want to learn more about wine tours of Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley? Check out Reviews of the Best Napa Valley Wine Tours and Reviews of the Best Sonoma Valley Wine Tours.

Napa Valley vs. Sonoma Valley

Best Wine Tours of Napa

Best Wine Tours of Sonoma

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What is the Weather in San Francisco in September?

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This post is a summary of the weather in San Francisco, with tips on what to wear and things to do.  If you are traveling to San Francisco in September, congratulations!  You could not have picked a better month to visit. Many people expect that summertime would have the best weather in the area, but actually September has the best weather during the entire year. It’s very sunny and quite warm (at least for San Francisco standards) for most of the month.

Average Temperatures

What to Wear

Free Tours by Foot


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Which San Francisco Segway Tour is Best?

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Everybody knows how much we love our Walking Tours. But we also know that some people prefer to rest up a little bit on their vacation and take a ride around the city. And what better way than to cruise around town in a Segway, right? With the speed that you can get heading down the streets and sidewalks of the city, you can cover many miles on each of these tours and see a large portion of the city all in one shot!


San Francisco Segway Tours


So, we have gone through all the Segway tours that are offered in San Francisco, and we have rated each one for you. And we have a list of the best Segway tours in San Francisco!

Now, we know what you’re thinking. “Are you crazy? I’ve never ridden a Segway in my life! I’m going to fall and break my arm!” Fear not! Every Segway tour company in San Francisco understands you. And that’s why each one of them offers a training session before the tour begins. Everybody wants to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable before setting off on one of these machines.

So, without further ado, check our our list of the best San Francisco Segway tours!

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How to ride Muni Metro map

How to Ride Muni Metro in San Francisco

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One of the easiest and most convenient methods to travel throughout San Francisco is by riding Muni Metro, the electric light rail train that runs throughout the city. The trains will get you where you need to go easily and (typically) on time. But for visitors to San Francisco, it can be difficult to figure out how to use the trains. That’s why we have put together an easy guide to show you how to ride Muni Metro all through San Francisco!

Follow this guide for a quick and easy summary, and you’ll be riding Muni Metro just like the locals!

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San Francisco in One Day

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One of the biggest requests we have received is from people who have a very limited amount of time in San Francisco, and they want to get suggestions on what to do. Many people only have 24 hours in the city, and they want to maximize their time here. So, since we love our readers and want to provide you the best trip possible to SF, we have put together a one day San Francisco itinerary! If you have a quick layover in the city, or you’re just passing through, read on to figure out how to have an amazing 24 hours in this town!

San Francisco in One Day

All-in-One Tour

San Francisco in Three Days

San Francisco in One Day

1. GoSF Card

Note: For this itinerary, we recommend getting yourself a Go San Francisco Discount Card. For some of the attractions we’re going to visit today, the GoSF card will give you a large discount.

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What is the Weather in San Francisco in August?

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This post is a summary of the August weather in San Francisco, with tips on how to dress, what to pack and things to do.  While many cities in the U.S. are experiencing hot and sometimes humid conditions, San Francisco suffers none of these.  Far from ideal beach weather, San Francisco is very pleasant, even a bit chilly during the month of August.  It’s great for outdoor activities, such as a pay-what-you-like walking tour or visiting Alcatraz.  

Average Temperatures

What to Wear

Free Tours by Foot




Skies are sunny and the weather is comfortable with afternoon temperatures tending to average around 70F (21C).  A few of the warmer afternoons could reach into the upper 70s F to low 80s F (26C-27C) while a few of the cooler afternoons will only in the mid-60s F (18C-20C).  


Average Daytime August Temperatures San Francisco


Late night and early morning low temperatures tend to average in the mid to upper 50s F (13C-15C) with a couple of the cooler mornings dipping down in the mid to lower 50s F (12-13C).  The all-time record low temperature in San Francisco during August is 48F (8.9C) while the hottest temperature was 98F (36.7C)


Average August Low Temperatures San Francisco



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Most of the time you will encounter either clear or partly sunny skies this month as only about 2-3 days will be cloudy.  August is a dry month with only 1 day this month likely to record any rainfall at all. San Francisco can be a bit breezy with the average wind speed mostly between 10-15 mph.


Average Sunny Skies August San Francisco



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What to Wear in San Francisco During August

August is a bit of a tricky month. Because on the days when it is sunny and the wind isn’t blowing, it can easily get into the mid 80s F (30 C). But if the fog is covering the city and the wind starts blowing, the temperature can quickly get down to 60 F (16 C) and very chilly!

The average wind speed in August is about 10 mph (17 kph). And it can frequently be even more windy than that!

The best idea for this month is to wear layers. Leave your hotel wearing at least a t-shirt and perhaps a light sweatshirt, as well as long pants. It is also a good idea to bring a light jacket to carry around with you, as well as earmuffs or a scarf if the wind bothers you. Make sure it’s light enough to carry around, because we do a lot of walking in the city!

Do I Need an Umbrella in San Francisco in August?

In a word, no. San Francisco averages 0.06 inches (1.5 mm) of rain all month in August. Bringing an umbrella will almost certainly be unnecessary. Obviously, you should double check the weather report before arriving, but you can be almost certain that it will not rain during the month.

Other August Activities: Get Outside!

Even though it can be foggy, there will be plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy our beautiful city. From August 11-13, there is the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival in Golden Gate Park. From August 24-27, there’s Eat Drink SF in nearby Fort Mason that will feature a number of local chefs, local wine, beer and food.

And for those who want a little more physical activity on their vacation, why not sign up for the Giant Race at AT&T Park on August 27th? The Giant Race includes a half marathon, a 10K distance, and a 5K distance. All the routes lead through the City of San Francisco streets and finish on the field at AT&T Park – home of the San Francisco Giants. You’ll get a different kind of tour throughout the city, and finish in the most beautiful baseball park in the United States.

And of course, you must also check out a couple of the Free Tours by Foot San Francisco walking tours to really experience what this city has to offer. Be sure to check out our new All-In-One Day tour!

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How to Ride San Francisco’s Historic Streetcar

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1. Milan Streetcar

One of the best ways to get around San Francisco is to take the Historic Streetcar. Sure, you can catch a modern Muni Metro train or the BART subway, but nothing can quite match the excitement and nostalgia of riding on an Italian streetcar from 1928, or an English “boat tram” from 1934. If you want a great experience, take the F Line Historic Streetcar during your trip to San Francisco.

To help you take a ride, we have put together an easy set of steps about how to ride San Francisco’s Historic Streetcar. Read on to learn more, and to see a great video about the cars!

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