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Brixton to many is a place they know for the wrong reasons, the riots of the 1980’s. Will Smith recently visited saying he wanted to see London’s version of Harlem. Brixton once closed off to locals and visitors, now welcomes everyone to the neighbourhood to live in.


Join us off the beaten trail.  Brixton is dedicated to the consummate foodie, market, art and music lovers. We’ll take you on a journey into the culturally cool historic quarter of Brixton. You will sample the culinary delights of the indigenous people of Brixton, Caribbean, South American and Portuguese. As we walk around this very exciting and colourful district you will hear stories about the commissioned murals, visit a Graffiti hall of fame, it’s musical influences and immigration of the area.

Sights and Topics We Cover on the Brixton Tour:

  • We visit Brixton’s famous indoor and outdoor markets.
  • Sample Organic Chocolate
  • Eat and drink in London’s foodie capital, sample food from around the world English, Caribbean, Colombian, possibly London’s best pizza and much more.
  • Visit Community Projects
  • Hangout and drink a locally crafted beer.
  • Walk around a thriving Arts District, Graffiti, Street Art and Murals
  • Experience the Caribbean/African/South American and Portuguese Communities
  • Use the local currency: Brixton £
Tour information

Reservations: Required.  Click here to reserve.

Where:  Stockwell Station (Victoria/Northern Line) by the flower stall. Please use our Google map for directions to the tour.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours.

When:  10:30 Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday.  View our calendar of all walking tours.

Cost: This tour is free to take, and you get to decide what, if anything, the tour was worth when it’s done. A name-your-own-price tour is a tour for anyone’s budget.


London Downton Abbey banner

London Downton Abbey Locations

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Downton Abbey exploded onto our screens in 2010 and people from all over the world watched the lives and exploits of the Crowley Family and all the characters surrounding them. Although Downton Abbey finished airing last December, it’s still as popular as ever. For visitors who have traveled to the U.K. hoping to see some Downton Abbey locations and inspirations, here is our helpful guide to London’s Downton Abbey connections!

Click link to access movable map.

Downtown Abbey locations in London


  1. King’s Cross St. Pancras [Euston Road, London N1C 4QP]

When Edith takes a trip down to London at the start of season 4, this is where she meets her co-worker Michael. In the show it is portrayed as King’s Cross Station but as that current building is quite modern, the Victorian St. Pancras Station was used for filming.


  1. Charterhouse [Sutton’s Hospital, Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6AN]

Charterhouse has three connections to Downton Abbey and provided settings for three different locations on the show: As Harvell & Carter, the legal organisation where Matthew worked – As a hospital training school where Lady Sybil goes for her training as a nurse during the First World War – The location for the political rally in season one where Lady Sybil suffers a blow to the head during a fight.


  1. Temple [Two Temple Place, London WC2R 3BD – and Essex Court]

Worth a visit to enjoy regardless of it’s Downton connections, No. 2 Temple Place served as Caxton Hall where Atticus Aldridge and Rose MacClare get married. Just around the corner is Essex Court which was transformed into “Betty’s Tea Rooms” (actually located in York) where Lady Rose buys cakes for the Russian refugees she is helping.



  1. Lincoln’s Inn Fields [London WC2A 3TL]

The gorgeous little square here is the background for all the walks that Rose and Edith took together in season four.


  1. Simpson’s Hotel [100 Strand, London WC2R 0EW]

Mary Crawley and Charles Blake have dinner here and are briefly joined by Mabel Lane Fox. However, Mabel storms off after realising that Charles is attempting to get her and Tony Gillingham back together.


  1. Rules Restaurant [35 Maiden Lane, London WC2E 7LB]

Rules is used a few times in Downton: It is here that Michael first offers Edith a job as a writer for his magazine and in season 5 this is where Lady Rose’s bachelorette luncheon is held.


  1. The National Gallery [ Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN]

Simon and Lady Grantham visit the National Gallery in the 5th season and you can view the specific art they are focusing on in the show: Piero della Francesca’s Nativity.


  1. The Criterion [224 Piccadilly, London W1J 9HP]London Downton Abbey Criterion

This is the restaurant where Michael and Lady Edith share their first kiss!


  1. Bridgewater House [9 Little St. James’s Street, SW1A 1DP]

The exteriors of Grantham House were filmed here at Bridgewater House. This is the London home of the Crawley family – said to be located in St. James’s Square on the series.


  1. Lancaster House [Stable Yard, SW1A 1BB]

Lancaster House served as Buckingham Palace in the 2013 Christmas special. It was here where Lady Rose MacClaire was presented to Kind George V.


  1. James’s Park [SW1A 2BJ]London Downton Abbey St. James Park

Used twice in Downton, St. James’s Park is first seen in season 1 where Mary and Rosamund Painswick take a walk, discussing Mary’s future prospects owing to Cora’s pregnancy. In season five, Mr. Molesley, Miss Baxter and Daisy find Rose and Atticus in the park, but opt not to approach them.


  1. 4 Hamilton Place [London W1J 7BQ]

This building served as the Embassy Nightclub during the 2013 Christmas Special. It is here that Lady Rose and her friend Madeleine are introduced to the Prince of Wales.


  1. 35 Belgrave Square [SW1X 8QB]

The home of Lady Rosamund Painswick, who lives here as a widow. The house was originally bought on her marriage to Marmaduke Painswick.


  1. The Albert Memorial [Kensington Gardens, London W2 2UH]London Downton Abbey Albert Memorial

In the 2013 Christmas Special, Madeleine and William Allsopp, Martha Levinson, Violet and Harold all picnic in Kensington Gardens in front of the monument here.


  1. Peter Pan Statue [Hyde Park, London W2 2UH]

Lady Mary and Lord Gillingham meet here in season five. It is here that Mary tells Lord Gillingham that she is no longer interested in him.


  1. Chepstow Villas [London W11 3DZ]

The exteriors of the houses here are used as the home of Michael Gregson and Edith Crawley. After Michael died, Edith took full possession of the flat and it is here that she shared her first kiss with Herbert Pelham.


  1. Syon House [Syon Park, Middlesex TW8 8JF]

The great conservatory here served as the setting of an afternoon tea between Mary and Lord Gillingham in season four.


  1. Kingston Town Hall [Penrhyn Road, Kingson-Upon-Thames, Surrey, KT1 2DW]

This courtroom was the backdrop for the dramatic trial of Mr. Bates where Lord Grantham was called to give witness, in the season two Christmas special.

London Night Tours

10 Tipps London bei Nacht

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London ist eine wunderbare Stadt in der es Tag und Nacht viel zu entdecken gibt. Wenn in London der Tag zu Ende geht, hört der Spass noch lange nicht auf. Hier sind unsere Top 10 Tipps was man in London bei Nacht erleben kann.

Im Winter empfehlen wir zudem unseren Blogpost: Wo geht man am besten Schlittschuhlaufen in London?

++Unsere Westminster Tour jetzt auch auf Deutsch!+++

Besuch einer West End Theatershow

Theater stageLondon hat eine sehr belebte Theaterszene und ist weltweit dafür berühmt. Ein Besuch einer Theatervorführung im Stadtbezirk West End, ist ein echtes Londoner Erlebnis. Vergünstigte Eintrittspreise machen das Ganze erschwinglich, und die Auswahl an Shows ist nicht zu verachten. Ein Besuch im Theater in London ist es immer wert. [Hier haben wir Tipps wie man günstig an Tickets kommt! Discount Theatre Tickets]


Endecke den Nachthimmel im Hampstead Observatorium

Hampstead Heath ist der höchstgelegenste Ort in London und ein wunderbarer Ort um Londons Silhouette zu bestaunen – ob bei Tag oder Nacht. Für alle die sich für den Sternenhimmel interessieren, bietet die Hampstead Scientific Society die Nutzung ihrer Teleskope an. Jeweils freitags und samstags von 20-22 Uhr im Herbst und Winter stehen Besuchern die Tore offen für ein unvergessliches Erlebnis die Sterne über London zu betrachten.

Nimm an unseren Zahl-was-du-willst-Touren teil
Thames NightIm März und April bieten wir unsere Westminster Tour auf Deutsch um 17:30 Uhr an (siehe Kalender). Eine Stadtführung zu Fuss ist eine ausgezeichnete Möglichkeit London zu entdecken. Ob nun auf unserer deutschsprachigen Westminster Tour oder auf unseren anderen Touren auf Englisch, wie zum Beispiel der Dark Side of London Geisertour geht, oder unserer Jack the Ripper Tour, es gibt immer was zu erleben und lernen.


Nimm an einem Fledermaus Spaziergang teil

Wer hätte das geahnt: London hat einen offiziellen Fledermausverein. Wenig bekannt aber unter Eingeweihten sehr beliebt, bietet die „Bat Group“ regelmäßig Spaziergange, Veranstaltungen oder Kurse zum Thema Fledermäuse an. Der Verein wird von Freiwilligen Mitarbeitern getragen, die ihr Interesse an den kleinen Fledermäusen auf sichere Weise teilen wollen.


Schau der Schlüsselzeremonie im London Tower zu

London tower at nightJeden Abend wird in Londons Tower eine alte Tradition von Neuem wiederbelebt: die Schlüsselzeremonie. Riesige Schlüsselanhalter, geheime Passwörter, die Ordnungstruppen des Towers die sogenannten Beefeater, und Marschmusik, sind unabdinglich wenn der Tower jeden Abend offiziell geschlossen und verriegelt wird. Die Zeremonie ist ein besonderes Londoner Erlebnis. Zuschauen kostet nichts, es muss sich allerdings angemeldet werden. Hier haben wir Tipps wie Sie an die kostenlosen Tickets kommen. [Unser Blog zum Thema Schlüsselzeremonie]

Besuch das House of Parliament

Ein Besuch im House of Lords oder im House of Commons im Westminster Palast kostet nichts und Besucher können das Gebäude betreten, in der Galerie entspannen oder bei den parlamentarischen Debatten mitlauschen. Auch wenn der Besuch des House of Parlaments nicht sofort als Abendaktivität ins Auge springt, arbeiten die Abgeordneten oft bis spät in die Nacht, manchmal bis 23 Uhr! Falls Sie also nach dem Abendessen noch nichts vorhaben, kommt vielleicht ein Besuch beim Parlament in Frage. Informieren Sie sich vorab zu aktuellen Debatten und Öffnungszeiten.

Fahr mit dem Riesenrad London Eye
London Eye Christmas
Das London Eye dreht sich bei Tag und auch am Abend. Vom London Eye aus hat man eine tolle Perspektive auf London und kann insbesondere abends die Lichter der Nacht von London bewundern. Mit einem Tag-und-Nacht-Ticket ergattert man sich gleich zweimal eine Fahrt mit dem Riesenrad: einmal tagsüber und einmal wenn die Sonne untergegangen ist.

Hör Big Ben um Mitternacht läuten

Die wohl bekannteste Uhr weltweit, Big Ben, befindet sich am Ufer der Themse im zentral gelegenen Stadtteil Westminster. Natürlich eine Attraktion am Tage, aber auch im Dunkeln findet Big Ben Bewunderung. Wenn die angeleuchtete Uhr mit der goldenen Umrahmung im Mondschein glitzert, ist es ein wahres Londoner Erlebnis den Glockenturm zu besuchen und von dort Big Bens Mitternachtsgeläut zu lauschen.

Besuch den London Zoo bei den Zoo Lates

Der Londoner Zoo haust mehrere hundert Arten von Tieren (über 800 um genau zu sein!) und im Sommer ist es nicht nur möglich tagsüber, sondern auch abends die sogenannten Zoo Lates zu besuchen. Mit Gesichtsmalerei, Kabarett- und Comedy-Shows, sowie verschiedensten Snackbuden, gibt es für Zoo Late Besucher alles Mögliche zu geniessen. Die Veranstaltung ist nur für Erwachsene, und man verlangt Eintritt. Falls Sie vorhaben den London Pass zu kaufen, ist der Eintritt zum Zoo mitinbegriffen.


Live Musik in London

Londons Musikszene hat etwas für jedermanns Geschmack und Budget zu bieten. Von Jazz bis zur Klassik, Pop oder Rock, nichts klingt besser also bei einem kühlen Bier oder Ale Live Musik zu hören. Es gibt eine Vielzahl an Pubs wo Musik gespielt wird. Hier sind unsere Favoriten: Koko – Roundhouse, oder St. Martin-in-the-Fields (eine Kirche aus dem 17. Jahrhundert wo Konzerte im Kerzenschein stattfinden) und der Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club.

++Vielleicht sind unsere Tipps zu Pubs an der Themse oder Historische Pubs noch von Interesse!++

London Free Entry to St. Paul’s Cathedral

Free Entry to St. Paul’s Cathedral

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Dominating the London skyline for centuries, St. Paul’s Cathedral has remained a beautiful landmark on the capital’s horizon to this day. With a varied history spanning back to 1666, and playing host to many important events in the United Kingdom’s history (including the iconic wedding of Lady Diana Spencer to Charles, Prince of Wales), St. Paul’s acts as a site of worship, a tourist attraction, and a top-of-the-agenda item for visitors from all over the world. This post discusses how you can visit the cathedral, both with a paid ticket and for free as well as a tip to get a great free view of the building.

Tips: Entry into St. Paul’s Cathedral is included in the London Pass and is part of the 2 for 1 deal. Be sure to read our Guide to London on a Budget for more money saving ideas for your time in London.

Where is St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is located within the City of London.  It’s central location means that you can reach it by various London Underground stations as well as bus lines.  The nearest Underground station is St. Paul’s (Central line).    The cathedral is also within walking distance from Mansion House (Circle + District lines) and Barbican (Circle, Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan lines).  Bus Nos. 4, 11, 15, 23, 25, 26, 100, 242 all stop at or near the cathedral. Read more »

London Queen Elizabeth II

Celebrate the Queen’s Birthday

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Celebrate the Queen’s Birthday! Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II was born on the 21st of April 1926 which means that this year she will be celebrating her 90th birthday! This makes her the first reigning British monarch to reach the age of 90. We always go all out for the Queen’s birthday – see our post on The Trooping of The Colour for more information – but this year there are even more events and activities planned throughout our capital to mark this special occasion!

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Here are a list of dates for celebrations, parades and events of where to Celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday:

May 12th – 15th – The Queen and other members of The Royal Family will be attending a pageant celebrating the Queen’s life. The event spans four nights, with the Queen attending the final night. Over 900 horses and 1,500 participants from around the world will make up the troupe performing to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. 25,000 tickets have already been sold but there are more to purchase for the pre-performance which is FREE.

It’ll also be streamed live on television and will air in many of the pubs throughout London.

How to Get Tickets: Click here.

Where? The Home Park at Windsor Castle.


June 10th – The Queen and Prince Philip will attend a National Service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral. This is a tradition with Her Majesty, who has attended many services of thanks at St. Paul’s for events such as her Diamond Jubilee.

How to Get Tickets: Unfortunately this ones just for people invited by the Royal Family, however it will be aired live on television and you can line the route between Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s for a chance to glimpse Her Majesty!

Where? St. Paul’s Cathedral.


June 11thThe Trooping of the Colour! This is an annual celebration held to mark the Queen’s birthday and takes place at the same place at time everywhere. From Buckingham Palace to Horse Guards Parade, all the members of the Royal Family, the Household Calvary, and the Queen’s Guard come together for a parade and spectacle finished with a flypast over Buckingham Palace by the Royal Airforce.

How to Get Tickets: Click here. Also note you can purchase tickets for the rehearsals or line up for free along The Mall

Where? Buckingham Palace, the Mall, St. James’s Park and Horseguards Parade.


June 12thThe Patron’s Lunch. This is a special event where The Mall will be transformed into a giant street party! The Patron’s Lunch will see 10,000 guests eating a picnic lunch and being entertained by acrobats and street performs. The Queen and Prince Phillip will also be attending.

How to Get Tickets? The event recognises the charities and organisations that the Queen patronises so most of the tickets are given to them. However, 1,000 tickets are available for sale via public ballot, click here.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a ticket – the even will be broadcast live on giant screens set up in Green Park and St. James’s Park!

Where? The event is held on the Mall and in St. James’s Park.

+++Learn more about the Royals in London on our Westminster walking tour!+++

London Change of the Guards

The Trooping of The Colour

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London Change of the guards Every year, we celebrate the Monarchs’ birthday in the same way: The Trooping of the Colour Ceremony! It’s a huge spectacle that sees soldiers, civilians, musicians, flags, banners and people all coming together to celebrate the birthday of the Sovereign.

The ceremony begins with the Queen leaving Buckingham Palace escorted by the Household Cavalry. When the Queen was younger, she would wear her own military uniform and ride to the ceremony herself on horseback! These days, she takes a horse-drawn carriage.

In addition to the Queen processing down the Mall toward Buckingham Palace, her husband, Prince Phillip, her children and grandchildren all take carriages from the Palace to attend the ceremony. (This includes the very popular and much loved William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge). On arrival, she is led to the “saluting base” which is essentially a platform where she will sit and view the ceremony.

Read more »

London shard

How is the weather in London in April

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London Food tour east endDaylight hours continue to increase rapidly this month gaining almost 2 extra hours between the 1st and the 30th.  Daytime high temperatures tend to be in mid 50s F (about 12C) early in April but will warm to about 60 F (15-16C) by the end of the month with a few afternoons seeing temperatures at or above 70F (21C).

Read our post on things to do in London in April.

Late night and early mornings tend to remain cool early in April, averaging near 40F (4-5C) with a few colder mornings dipping to near 32F (0C).  Towards the end of April, mornings will mostly be in the mid-40s F (7-8C).

About 13-14 days will have either sunny or at least partly sunny skies while 18-19 days will record some rainfall with one of these days reporting snow. Accumulating snow is rare.  April winds are mostly light to moderate but occasionally can be fresh at 20-24 MPH (31-38 KPH).

What to wear in London during April

April is changeable so it is best to bring rain gear and a warm coat or jacket for those cooler mornings and evenings but also bring some lighter springtime attire for those warmer afternoons. A pair or two of good walking shoes are also a must.

What to see in London during April

London Eye ShadowLondon in April begins to come alive as warmer weather allows for more outdoor activities including the London Marathon.  It is also a good time of year to visit some of London’s parks.  During April you can also enjoy the free St George’s Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square. The festivities include food, parades and children’s activities.

While visiting London, please join Free Tours by Foot for one of our popular tours like Soho, Piccadilly Circus and Chinatown Tour or if you are hungry, our East London Food Tour.

Check out our post on Things to Do in London in April.

Things to Do in London in April

10 Things to Do in London in April

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This post is our list of 10 things to do in London in April.  There are many more things to do in the city, but this post is for things only happening in April in the city. Check out our post on London weather in April, too.

  • (1) See the Land of the Lions

Showcasing a brand-new enclosure at the London Zoo, Land of the Lions is now home to a pride of endangered Asiatic lions. Visitors can explore the Land riding in trucks and rickshaws and are invited into the rangers’ huts – or even asked to assist the rangers in their duties. For the young and young-at-heart these is also the chance to test your bicycle speed against that of an Asiatic Lion.  Read our post on how to get discount London Zoo tickets.

  • (2) Watch the London Marathon

Every year around 36,000 people sign up to run the 42.4km (26.2m) marathon through the streets of London, taking visitors over the River Thames, past the London Eye, along the Tower of London and finishing on the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace. Both seasoned professional runners take part, as well as members of the public ho are wanting a challenge or a fit day out! The route is long and Londoners (and the visiting us) are encouraged to line the streets to watch and cheer on the athletes as they race through town. Find out where you want to watch from their website: Read more »

London river thames

How is the weather in London in March?

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During the month of March, daylight hours increase by almost 2 hours between the 1st and the 31st allowing more time for outdoor activities.  March brings afternoon temperatures averaging in the upper 40s F (about 8C-9C) early in the month warming into the mid-50s F (about 12C) by the end of the month.  A couple of days this month could see afternoon temperatures reaching at least into the low to mid 60s F  (16C-17C).

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Early morning low temperatures tend to be in the upper 30s F (about 3C) early in March but mostly near 40 F (about 4-5C) towards the end of the month.  A few of the colder mornings could dip down to below 30F (-1C or less).

About 17-18 days will be mostly cloudy during March leaving 13-14 days clear or at least partly sunny. Expect about 16 days this month with some precipitation with about 2 days likely with some snow (mostly during the first 2-3 weeks).

London walking Tours

What to wear in London during March

Best to bring rain gear and dress in layers.  Bring along a warm coat, warm cloths and good walking shoes but on the warmer days some lighter spring attire might come in handy.

What to see in London during March

London Big Ben sThere is much to do this month in London including events like the London Drinker Beer and Cider Festival or enjoy some singing, dancing, a parade and a pint or two on St. Patrick’s Day.  One interesting event this month is the traditional rowing race between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge called “The Boat Race”.

While visiting London, please take some time and join Free Tours by Foot for one of our popular tours like the London All-In-One tour or perhaps our London Graffiti and Street Art Tour.

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London National Gallery

London in March | 10 Things to DO

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This post is a list of 10 things to do in London in March.  These are events that only take place in March and is not an exhaustive list.  Be sure to read our other posts on things to do in London in general.  Be sure to prepare for the weather in London in March.

Be sure to also read:

1. Watch The Head of the River Race []

While not quite as famous as the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, the Head of the River Race follows the same route and is free to watch. Crews from all over the world will be completing a 4.25 mile (7 km) journey from Mortlake to Putney. A number of pubs line the river along the route, so grab a drink, and enjoy!

2. Watch The Boat Race!

A British institution, The Boat Race is a yearly race between the rowing teams of Oxford and Cambridge. The race, as the one mentioned above, follows the 4.25 mile course in a time of around 16 to 18 minutes. The event will draw out an expected 200,000 visitors this year so make sure to get to the river early to take a look! The course starts at Putney Bridge at 3:10 and finishes at Chiswick Bridge so make your way to any of the fabulous pubs that line the route.

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