Q: Isn’t it too hot to do a walking tour in Dubai?

A: Dubai is famed for having sunshine all year-round. It is primarily hot in the months of June, July and August. However, our mantra is if you can walk it, so can we! Due to this we offer tours all year round.

Q: Are the Dubai tours free of charge?

A:We offer a mix of walking tours in Dubai. We strongly believe that everyone should be allowed to enjoy an educational tour experience, regardless of their budget. Therefore, during the peak tourist season, once a week we offer our signature walking tour of Historic Dubai under a pay-what-you-like model, which is free with no upfront cost. Simply put, you get to decide what the tour was worth when the tour is finished.

We also offer a series of low-cost walking tours of Dubai, under a broader schedule. Dubai By Foot is dedicated to keeping our tours affordable and accessible. We are confident that the pricing of these tours reflects the quality of the tour on offer.

Q: How should I dress for a Dubai walking tour?

A: Comfortable walking shoes are a must! We also recommend dressing modestly, out of respect for the regional cultural norms, especially for women.

Q: Do you offer tours in other languages? 

A: Yes. We are happy to offer tours in English, Hindi, Urdu, German, Spanish and Chinese. Don’t let language be a barrier on your world travels!

Q: Do you offer discounted tickets to other attractions?

A: Absolutely. We are a bulk buyer for most attractions and hence are happy to pass on the discounts to our wonderful guests. So if you would like to experience Dubai by sea on a cruise or from the top of the world at the Burj Khalifa, all you got to do is ask.