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Educational School Tours

Our Educational Tours are designed to instill a sense of curiosity among children for the local history and culture of the UAE. We bring over a decade worth of experience in organizing fun and interactive tours for students of all ages around Europe and in America and now in the Middle East. Our student travel advisers ensure that elements of the curriculum are incorporated into the tour. This allows students to experience firsthand, what they have learnt in class.

Tour Planning & Content

We can design a tour as per the requirements of the curriculum and interests of the students. From Old Dubai, Pearl Diving and Trade, to Bedouin Life and to the major developments in Dubai history, our tours are famous for the depth of knowledge they delve into.  


Our guides are rigorously trained to be student friendly. They are also trained to ensure student safety during our trips. Our operations team are always available during a tour and keep track of the tour till its over. 


Some of our Educational School Tours at a glance: 

Old Dubai Prism Tour

Educational School ToursThis is a 3-hour walking tour which takes place in the historic Al Fahidi & Bastakiya region of Old Dubai.

In this tour we focus on introducing students to Dubai’s past and how its economy was back in the 1900’s. We delve into the early days of the City of Dubai and how pearl diving and fisheries were its main sources of revenue. We also shed light on the importance of the Bastakiya region and what role it played in Dubai’s Development.

Tour Itinerary:
  • Bastakiya
  • Coin Museum
  • Coffee Museum
  • Dubai Museum / abra ride across the creek to see the Dubai Souqs (for students above 9 years of age)
  • Pearl Museum (for students above the age of 12)
  •      Detailed presentation on pearling and Bedouin life in the Past
  • Fun Activities like Trivia Quiz, Treasure Hunt etc.
Tour Starting Point

Outside Local House Restaurant, Bastakiya, Old Dubai

Tour Duration

3 Hours

Tour Cost

Please email us for tour cost and additional info on