Graffiti And Street Art Workshop


[Note: This is a PAID activity.]

Free Tours By Foot, in partnership with Subculture Tours, is ready to help you discover what has become known as the greatest open air gallery in the world. Street Art and Graffiti has taken the world by storm with cities around the globe annually hosting Street/Graffiti festivals. Subculture Tours are ready to invite guests of Free Tours By Foot into a world that has been closed to the general public for many years.

For people all over the world Graffiti is something they have been brought up with, it has been the makeup of cities around the world, everyday you will walk/drive past a piece but not give it two thoughts, it doesn’t even register with you, or if it does, your first thought might be: VANDALISM! We’ll show you why your thinking should change!

This Waterloo tunnels of London are blanketed in some of the most fabulous street art and graffiti in town. Come with Free Tours By Foot, in partnership with Subculture Tours as we contribute to this ever changing gallery!

Spend two hours with us discover the world of street art – codes and conducts of the graffiti world, world famous street artists, be taught to read graffiti writing, learn graffiti vocabulary, chose your graffiti name, visit a graffiti shop and by a can of paint, sketch your first piece and then paint it on a legal wall! Subculture Tours is taking you inside the graffiti world. You won’t find this in your tourist guide books! Come with us and see why a visit to the Shoreditch and the paint jam is an integral part of any visit to London!


What to expect on the Street Art Workshop:

  • Street Art
  • Graffiti Lesson
  • Legal Graffiti Wall
  • Paint Jam Workshop
  • “Behind the Scenes” of the World of Street Art
  • Live Instruction From A Street Artist


NOTE: This is a paid workshop. The fee is £33.00 per person. In addition to securing a place in the class, this feel also includes a Street Art “Starter Pack.”

 Guests Street Art Starter Packs include:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Two Cans of Paint (more available at £4 per can)
  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • Two Hours of Fun!

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