Paris City Passes Reviewed

This post reviews and compares the various Paris city passes, tourist discount cards and bus and boat combination tickets to help you chose the best for you. With so many wonderful attractions to see, it’s not too surprising that Paris is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. As a matter of fact, there’s so much to experience that discovering everything the city has to offer can be very expensive.  Thankfully, a lot of companies offer tourist passes to help visitors save money on a variety of activities.

There are a variety of different passes to consider, so we decided to break them down for you. Whether you’re trying to save some money while visiting or you just want to see as much as possible, chances are that you’ll find a good deal with one of these Paris Tourist Passes.

Turbo Pass

Paris Museum Pass

Bus Tour Packages

The Paris Pass

Paris Passlib

Paris Visite Pass



If you want to gain entrance to as many different attractions as possible, this may be the best deal on the list. With the Paris Pass, you’ll have access to more than 60 different activities in and around the city. In addition to the tours and tickets, you’ll also receive free unlimited travel on the local metro and buses. This pass also guarantees you fast-track entry into a lot of popular areas. No matter what you want to see while in the city of love, this pass is a great way to both save money and access dozens of wonderful venues.  

Top Attractions Included With Paris Pass

The Louvre Museum
Arc De Triomphe
Palace of Versailles
Notre Dame Cathedral
Rodin Museum
Maurice Denis Museum
The Palace of Malmaison
Orangerie Museum

Hop-on, Hop-off Big Bus Tour Ticket
Chateau Fontainebleau
The Orsay Museum
Montparnasse Tower
Centre Pompidou
La Conciergerie
Conde Museum
Palais de la Decouverte
Picasso Museum
Gustave Moreau Museum
And more!

Prices  (more info)

  • 2-Day Passes – 134 € /Adults, 82 € /Teens, 45 €/Children
  • 3-Day Passes – 168 €/Adults, 98 €/Teens, 51 €/Children
  • 4-Day Passes – 198 €/Adults, 108 €/Teens, 57 €/Children
  • 6-Day Passes – 238 €/Adults, 128 €/Teens, 74 €/Children

Extra Perks

  • Free Starter or Hot Fudge Sundae at Hard Rock Cafe
  • Get a 10 € discount at Idéal Gourmet
  • Get 20% off all food and drink at Monument Cafe
  • Enjoy 15% off Chauffeur driver 2CV Tours
  • Receive a 15% discount on any Bike, Segway or Easy Pass tour at Fat Tire Bike
  • And more!

Things to Consider

The more time you spend in Paris, the better your chances are of enjoying the great value provided by this tourist pass. If you’re planning on spending a week in the city of love, the 6-day pass will be an excellent option. Over the course of 6 days, you should be able to visit and experience pretty much every significant attraction that you want to see with the help of this service.

In addition to the money you could save, you’ll also get access to what they call “Fast Track Entry.” Skip the lines at locations such as The Louvre Museum, The Orsay Museum, Centre Pompidou and the Grevin Wax Museum. The less time you spend waiting in line, the more attractions you’ll be able to see!

If you plan on seeing as much of the city as possible, the Paris Pass is an excellent value. However, if you’re only planning on discovering a few select locations, you might want to consider another option.


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The Turbo Pass is a lot like the Paris Pass.  As a matter of fact, Turbo pass offers pretty much the same kind of deal, but at a lower price. The main difference here is that this company doesn’t provide access to as many attractions as their competitors.  In total, they offer entrance to over 50 different popular locations.


Paris Turbo Pass Review


You’ll find that many of the Paris tourist passes include similar offerings, so it’s important to choose the pass that offers the activities which interest you the most. This pass may not have the most options, but if you aren’t interested in the extra attractions and perks available with other passes, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Top Attractions Included With the Turbo Pass

The Louvre
Arc de Triomphe
Centre Pompidou
Sienne River Cruise

Picasso Museum
Gustave Moreau Museum
Versailles Palace and Museum
Notre Dame Tower
Crypte archeologique Notre-Dame
Chateau de Fontainebleau
Rodin Museum

Turbo Pass Prices (Learn more here)

  • 2-Day Passes – $98.22/Adults, $43.59/Teens, $21.75/Children
  • 4-Day Passes- $163.77/Adults, $61.07/Teens, $32.67/Children
  • 6-Day Passes – $218.39/Adults, $76.36/Teens, $43.59/Children

Extra Perks

  • Get a free Hot Fudge Sundae at Hard Rock Cafe
  • Spend at least 35 € at Hard Rock Cafe to get a free gift
  • Get a 6 € discount on a Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tour
  • Receive a 25% discount on a tour of Montparnasse
  • Receive a 30% discount on tickets at the Grevin Wax Museum
  • And More!

Things to Consider

When you factor in the exchange rate, the Turbo Pass is actually a lot more affordable than the Paris Pass. Although it may seem like they don’t offer as much, the reality is that this pass provides free entry into at least 50+ attractions in and around Paris. You’ll also receive free transportation on the Metro and Buses, making it much easier to get around the city with ease.

Much like their competition, these passes also include what they call “skip-the-line” entry at locations such as The Louvre Museum, The Orsay Museum, and Centre Pompidou. This tourist pass also comes with a free map of the city center and will be delivered to your house before you leave for vacation.

This service offers almost everything you’d get with their competitors at a much lower cost. If you find similar tourist passes to be a bit overwhelming, this might be a good alternative that will still provide plenty of activities and entertainment while you’re in the city of love.


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For those of you who want more control over your tourist pass, the Paris Passlib’ may be one of the best deals out there. This is also an excellent option for anyone who feels a bit overwhelmed with some of the other services we’ve already mentioned. If you want to save money on a few activities, but you don’t want to worry about trying to see everything, it might be worth it to pick up one of these passes. Although you won’t have access to nearly as many attractions, you’ll still enjoy a variety of adventures while traveling throughout the city.



Paris Passlib’ Mini

This 1 day pass is one of the most affordable tourist passes in Paris. For one low price, you’ll have access to the following activities and benefits:

  • 1-hour cruise/boat tour on the Seine with the Bateaux Parisiens
  • A 24-hour ticket on the L’Open tour sightseeing buses
  • Optional 2nd Floor Eiffel Tower Ticket for 15 € extra
  • Free Paris Passlib’ Booklet with useful information
  • Free Map of the inner city to help you get around
  • More information or to purchase.

Paris Passlib’ Mini Prices

  • 40 €/Adults, 35 €/Teens, 26 €/Children

Multi-Day Paris Passlib’

In addition to all of the attractions and benefits available with the Passlib’ Mini, purchasing a 2, 3, or 5-Day pass will also secure the following additional services:

The Paris Visite Travel Card – use either the metro, bus, tram or RER to get around Paris.
The Paris Museum Pass – Access to over 50 popular museums in and around Paris.


  • 2-Day Pass – 109 €/Adults, 65 €/Teens, 35 €/Children
  • 3-Day Pass – 129 €/Adults, 70 €/Teens, 39 €/Children
  • 5-Day Pass – 155 €/Adults, 90 €/Teens, 47 €/Children
  • More information or to purchase.

Things to Consider

Although you could easily spend an entire day exploring the city of Paris with a cruise on the Seine and a sightseeing bus tour, it’s worth noting that the very affordable mini pass does not include access to any attractions such as The Louvre or The Arc De Triomphe. You will receive entrance to these locations and many others with the help of a 2, 3, or 5-day pass, but at that level you’re basically paying about as much as you would for the Turbo Pass.

If you’re not interested in paying for access to over 50 different museums at once, the mini pass might be a great deal for basic sightseeing. The L’Open Tour bus will take you to many of the most popular locations in Paris, where you can pay for tickets to the attractions which interest you the most. Depending on how you want to approach your vacation, this might be a better opportunity than going for a more expensive pass.


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Although it is offered with almost every tourist pass we have already mentioned, it’s worth noting that you can actually purchase the Paris Museum Pass individually. If you’ve already taken care of travel expenses and you don’t want to go on a bus tour of the city, you may want to avoid one of the more costly options on this list and simply pick up the Museum Pass instead.

As previously mentioned, this pass guarantees your entrance into over 50 different museums in the city. Depending on how many of these attractions interest you, this could be a great deal!

Museums/Attractions Included With Pass

Arc de Triomphe
Centre Pompidou
The Louvre
Rodin Museum
Gustave Moreau Museum
And More!

Additional Information

The Paris Museum Pass is valid for 2 days and you can currently purchase it for under $54. Considering that it provides access to more than 50 museums and historic sites around the city, it’s almost like you’re paying $1 for entry into each area. With the use of this pass, you’ll also be able to skip the line at several different locations.

Things to Consider

Since the pass is only valid for 48 hours, chances are that you won’t be able to visit every single museum or location provided through this service. That being said, it’s much easier to simply show someone a pass than it is to hassle with purchasing individual tickets wherever you go.

It’s also worth noting that many of the museums in Paris actually offer free entrance to children and young adults, so they may not actually need a Museum Pass. This might not be the case at every single location you want to visit, so it could still be in your best interest to obtain a tourist pass for younger visitors.


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Much like the Paris Museum Pass, this is also offered with most of the tourist passes we have already mentioned. The Paris Visite Pass guarantees you unlimited travel on the bus, metro, tramway and RER networks.

Unless you plan on renting a vehicle or using a cab to get around, this is a great way to save money and avoid the necessity of exact change on public transportation. If you’re new to the country, avoid the hassle of exchange rates and just carry this card around wherever you go!


  • 1-Day Pass (zone 1-3)   12,85 € for Adults;  6,40 € for Children
  • 1-Day Pass (zone 1-5)  26,95 € for Adults;  13,50 € for Children
  • 2-Day Pass (zone 1-3)  21 € for Adults; 10,40 € for Children
  • 2-Day Pass (zone 1-5)  41 € for Adults; 20,50 € for Children
  • 3-Day Pass (zone 1-3)  28,50 € for Adults; 14,20 € for Children
  • 3-Day Pass (zone 1-5)  57,45 € for Adults; 28,75 € for Children
  • 5-Day Pass (zone 1-3)  41 € for Adults; 20,50 € for Children
  • 5-Day Pass (zone 1-5);  70,30 € for Adults; 35,15 € for Children

Things to Consider

Even if you have no intention of picking up any of the other tourist passes on this page, you might still want to consider purchasing the Visite Pass simply to get around town. As a matter of fact, you could actually save money by purchasing some of these passes individually.

You won’t have access to the free river cruise and bus tour offered through either the Turbo Pass or the Paris Pass, but some visitors might actually consider that a bonus. If you have no interest in some of the benefits provided through the other services on this list, avoid the bundles and just pick up this transportation pass instead.


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For those of you considering the Paris Museum Pass, a hop-on, hop-off bus tour can actually serve as a great method for getting to each location with ease. These bus tours are focused on visiting all of the most notable sites in the city, including many significant museums and attractions. Why bother with public transportation when you can just take a coach that will drive you to all of the areas you actually want to see in the city of love?

As if that weren’t reason enough to consider a bus tour, many of the services available in Paris actually offer combo packages that include extra activities such as a cruise. With one of these combination packages, you could potentially pay less and receive most of the same benefits you would get with either the Paris Pass or the Turbo Pass.

Big Bus Tours

This international tour company provides 6 different combo packages that are worth noting. Big Bus has a 3 ½ star rating on TripAdvisor, indicating that their service is pretty good. They might not have excellent reviews, but even the negative comments seem to be happy with the fact that this tour will take you to all of the major sites in Paris. Most guests agree that this is a great way to discover the city without having to worry about public transportation.

Big Bus Tour Combo Packages

  • 1-Day Bus Tour and Cruise – 37,80 €/Adults, 19,80 €/Children
  • 2-Day Bus Tour and Cruise – 41,40 €/Adults, 19,80 €/Children
  • 1-Day Bus Tour and Night Tour – 45 €/Adults, 24,30 €/Children
  • 2-Day Bus Tour and Night Tour – 48,60 €/Adults, 24,30/Children
  • 1-Day Bus Tour, Cruise, and Night Tour – 54 €/Adults, 29,70 €/Children
  • 2-Day Bus Tour, Cruise, and Night Tour – 57,60 €/Adults, 29,70 €/Children


L’Open Tour Combo Packages

This tour company also provides 6 combo packages, and most of them include up to a 3-Day ticket for their hop-on, hop-off bus tour. With a 3 ½ star rating on TripAdvisor, it’s easy to compare L’Open Tour to their competitors. As with Big Bus Tours, most of the reviews indicate that guests were at least happy to be visiting all of the major sites in Paris. There are some common complaints about the amount of information offered on the tour, but if you’re using this primarily as a means of transportation, that won’t be a huge problem.

Bus Tour + Boat Cruise

  • 1-Day Ticket 42 €/Adult
  • 2-Day Ticket 46 €/Adult
  • 3-Day Ticket 50 €/Adult
  • 21 € – Child 1, 2, or 3-Day Ticket (click any of the links)

Bus Tour + Bateaux Mouches Cruise

  • 39 € – Adult 1-Day Ticket
  • 43 € – Adult 2-Day Ticket
  • 20 € – Child 1-Day Ticket

Bus Tour + The Louvre

  • 46 € – Adult 1-Day Ticket
  • 50 € – Adult 2-Day Ticket
  • 54 € – Adult 3-Day Ticket
  • 17 € – Child 1, 2, or 3-Day Ticket

Bus Tour + Picasso Museum

  • 42 € – Adult 2-Day Ticket
  • 46 € – Adult 3-Day Ticket

Bus Tour + Food Tasting Passport

  • 56 € – Adult 1-Day Ticket
  • 59 € – Adult 2-Day Ticket

Things to Consider

Most of the tourist passes that come with a free hop-on, hop-off bus tour only offer 1-Day tickets. If you choose to go with one of these combo packages, you can get a 2 or 3-Day ticket instead, giving you a lot more time to discover Paris with ease. If you’re planning on using a bus tour to replace public transportation, you might want to consider getting a ticket that lasts longer.

If you’d like to know more about the bus tours available in Paris, make sure to read our guide to discover additional information about each of the services we’ve discussed above.


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