How is the weather in NYC in May?

This post is a summary of the weather in New York City in May. In addition to information about the average temperatures and number of rainy days, we also offer tips on what to wear and things to do. May is a great time to visit the city as temperatures rise and many of the beautiful Spring flowers remain in blossom. This is the perfect month to discover the streets and neighborhoods of NYC.

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Average Temperature

Early May will see afternoon high temperature mostly in the mid-60s f (17-19C) while early morning lows will be mostly in the mid to upper 40s f (8-10C).  A few of the colder mornings, however, can still dip into the upper 30s f to near 40f (3-5C).

May warms quickly with those afternoon temperatures reaching into the low to mid 70sf (22-24C) by the end of the month. A few of the warmer days will see temperatures reaching into the mid-80s f. (28-29C). An afternoon high of 90f (32C) or higher is possible, occurring on 1 day in May in 2 out of 3 years. During past Mays, temperature extremes have range up to 99f (37.2C) and as low as 32f (0C).

Average April

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How Much Sun and Rain

Skies tend to be sunny or at least partly sunny on about 20 days this month.  Some rainfall can be expected on about 11 days, with significant rainfalls of 1/2 inch (13mm) or more limited to about 3 days, on average.

May Rain and Sun in NYC


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What to Wear in NYC in April

Early May can be somewhat cool so a light jacket, windbreaker or just a sweater may be needed. There are also often brief showers throughout the day, so be sure to carry an umbrella and have water proof shoes.

However, by month’s end, you can usually expect to dress for summer. It can get very hot in the city, so shorts and a light top are often all that is needed. Also, don’t forget a water bottle and good walking shoes to make the most of your time in NYC!

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Things to Do in New York City in May

Bronx Week will be celebrated from May 7-17, 2015 and includes a film festival, neighborhood tours, Bronx Ball, parade, and a food & arts festival. May 15-16th you can join 15,000 cyclists visiting exhibitors at the NYC Bike Expo at Lexington Armory or perhaps you might enjoy the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit on the sidewalks of University Place later in the month. Read our blog on Top Things to do in NYC in May.

While in the city, please also join Free Tours By Foot  for a Central Park Photography Tour with a licensed guide and talented Photographer who will take you around Central Park’s most scenic spots!  You might also wish to see New York City’s historic East Village, home of some of the most important cultural, political and intellectual movements in American history by taking our Alternative New York Tour.   May is also a great time to see some of Manhattan’s most iconic buildings at night on our Midtown Manhattan Night Tour.

Check out our full post on things to do in May in NYC for more ideas!


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