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Free Tours by Foot is pleased to present name-your-own-price guided as well as free self-guided Berlin walking tours. Suited for any budget, our tours provide an opportunity for visitors and natives alike to get onto the streets of Berlin and explore this extraordinary city, uncover hidden stories and taste world-renowned cuisine. Our entertaining guides and wide range of tours offer a unique and interesting experience to this city that reinvents itself every day. Berlin is characterized by constant rebirth that proves its turbulent 800 years of history – we like to tell you all about it.

We currently have a limited schedule of our own tours, so we have also listed tours from other Berlin walking tour companies, some pay-what-you-like and some with upfront costs.



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Berlin Walking ToursWe provide a platform for professional, freelance tour guides to lead walking, food and bike tours at no upfront cost, so that you may enjoy a quality sightseeing experience no matter what your budget is, and ensuring that each tour is of the highest quality. At the end it’s up to you to determine how much the tour was worth to you. We think everyone should be permitted to take a guided tour for a price they feel it was worth – even free!

Let us take you on a walk through the history-rich Berlin.  Our guides will take you on a journey through Berlin’s early beginnings, the Holy Roman Empire, Prussia, the formation of Germany as one unified nation, the roaring 20′s, the rise of the Third Reich, through the years of division and reunification of the city. We like you to explore how Berlin reinvents itself every day, how it attracts people from all over the world, and how Berlin is simply different – it’s fun, creative and conventional, and it’s filled with history, art, and architecture.

Four Different Berlin Walking Tours

For some insight into life in the former GDR (German Democratic Republic) be sure to consider our Berlin Wall Tour, which will visit many sights in East Berlin that bear testament to this era, including the Berlin Wall Memorial, the longest and best preserved section of the barrier that split the city in two as well as the headquarters of the infamous Stasi secret police.

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