Best Fish and Chips in London

When it comes to fish and chips, nobody does it better than the Brits. Some say, that for the true fish and chip experience, you have to be by the sea – in places like Brighton, Devon, or Whitby. But speaking as a Londoner, I know it is possible to get authentic, delicious, and – most importantly, affordable! – fish and chips as far inland as London itself. So, if you’re after the authentic British fish and chip meal, I’ve got just the places for you!

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In no particular order…

  • The Golden Union – 38 Poland Street, London W1F 7LY – This isn’t your grandma’s fish and chip shop – this family-run business provides fish and chips with a young, energetic and modern twist. Chunky, flaky, crunchy fish coated in beer batter is served in a small simplistic, yet atmospheric, space in the heart of Soho. Fish is delivered daily from sustainable waters and patrons will have their choice of two different frying oils (which are changed at least four times a week!). For those of you without a pallet for oceanic delights, you can find pies and sausage, mushy peas and chip butties. The Golden Union has every one covered and is fully licensed, meaning in addition to delicious dinner, you can enjoy an evening tipple! [Top Tip: Why not join onto our Soho Tour after your fish and chip lunch? Or plan to make a stop at the Golden Union after your Soho tour, which will finish at 16:30 – just in time for an early dinner!]  Find them on the map and check out their reviews on their Google Places page.
  • Fish Central – 149-155 Central Street, King Square, London EC1V 8AP – Perhaps the most unexpected on the list, Fish Central is located on an inner London council estate, hidden away from all the trendy, upmarket restaurants and cocktail bars packed into nearby Old Street and Clerkenwell. Opened in 1968, Fish Central provides the cheapest fish and chips on this list. Chips here are cut by hand and salt is shaken on with much panache (and a helping hand) providing a perfect, even coating. All produce served up has been bought locally at Borough Market which helps keep the food delicious and the prices down. Definitely worth a visit to this most unassuming of locations!  Find them on the map and check out their reviews on their Google Places page.
  • The Sea Shall of Lisson Grove – 49-51 Lady_Gaga_fish_and_chips-2-600x450Lisson Grove, London NW1 6UH – For over 30 years The Seal Shell has been serving up what many consider to be the best fish and chips in London. Locals, visitors, and even celebrities (Lady Gaga more recently!) come to Sea Shell for a sit down meal or a quick take away. Fish here is delivered fresh daily and local ingredients are combined to make their signature, homemade, tartar sauce. A fire in August 2009 means the restaurant has been lovingly restored and brought back to life which makes dining inside feel a little ‘posh’ – too posh for some – but if you want to spot celebs while tucking into some delicious fish and unlimited chips, this is the place for you! [Top Tip: For those on the go, take-away meals are nearly half the price of a sit-down!].  Google Places page.
  • Toff’s of Muswell Hill  – 38 Muswell Hill Broadway, London N10 3RT – Easily the most difficult location to get to on our list, Toff’s is located in north London, well away from the tourists and traffic jams of the city center! But the trek to get to Toff’s is always worth the ultimate reward: fresh fish, cooked to order in ground nut oil by expert fryers. Fish can also be served grilled for the calorie-conscious. Classic British battered sausages are available alongside classic mushy peas and homemade coleslaw. Because of its’ existence as a neighbourhood location and its’ distance from the city centre, a visit to Toff’s is like visiting an old family friend. Service is personable, friendly, and fast and the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable!  Find them on the map and check out their reviews on their Google Places page.
  • Poppies-Fish-and-Chips-Spitalfields-review-Haddock-and-ChipsPoppies  – 6-8 Hanbury Street, London E1 6QR – The granddaddy of them all, Poppies provides more than just delicious fish and chips, it delivers an entire experience. The owner, ‘Pop’ Newland has personally been serving fish and chips in London for over  50 years (!!) and his shop in the East End provides the authentic East End experience; with decor dating from the 1940’s and 1950’s, waitresses (‘poppettes’) in gorgeous war-time uniform, impeccably classic and clean tables, chairs, and serving counters, and a jukebox cranking out all the 1950’s hits! Everybody knows that an authentic order of fish and chips to take away is served wrapped in newspapers – and Poppies absolutely delivers, going so far as printing their OWN paper with war-time stories created from edible ink! Sustainable fish sourced from a third-generation trader in Billingsgate (it doesn’t get any more London than that!) is served alongside massive portions of traditional mushy peas, delicious desserts and even jellied eels – providing the most authentic East End experience around.
[Top Tip]: Why not head to Poppies after our Tuesday City of London tour? It’s just a 10 minute walk away from the final leg of the tour! Our guides are always happy to give you directions and will only beg to come along with you to Poppies every once in a while..! Find them on the map and check out their reviews on their Google Places page.