What is the weather like in New Orleans during July?

July is very warm and humid in New Orleans with frequent shower and thunderstorm activity. The daily high temperatures tend to be in the lower 90s f (32-33C) with the early morning lows mostly in the mid to upper 70s f (24-26C). You can expect about 20 or 21 days this month to reach highs at or above 90f (32C). In the past, New Orleans has seen temperature extremes during July from a low of 60f (15.6C) to a high of 101f (38.3C).

Sunny or at least partly sunny skies occur on about 14 days this month so there are still many good days to see what this city has to offer. Showers and thunderstorms are fairly frequent, but often brief, with some rain falling, on average, on about 14 days this month but with significant rainfalls of 1/2 inch (13mm) or more occurring only on about 4 days.

What to wear in New Orleans in July

The weather this month is very warm and humid so dress light for summer and with the risk for frequent showers you should bring your umbrella or a plastic poncho. Don’t forget a good pair of walking shoes or sandals to see all the sights, rain or shine.

What to do in New Orleans in July

Some events this month worth a look are the Essence Festival, the San Fermin in Nueva Orleans (Running of the Bulls) and Bastille Day.   You can really see this city by joining us for one of our professionally guided “pay what you want” New Orleans walking tours or perhaps you might try one of our New Orleans Bike Tours.

Written by Fred Pickhardt

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